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1Foundation is an organization that seeks to equip Christian communities for the mission and worship of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection is the cornerstone of our lives.


We see our role as catalyzing churches, informal study groups, and other Christian communities to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do so through once a month large group worship, through workshops and web content, through the formation and coaching of missional communities, and through partnerships with non-profits that serve the Greater Houston Area. We are not a church–instead, we are an equipping resource that educates and arms the people of God for closer community, renewed mission, and true worship.


We live in a culture that forms us to be passive consumers and spectators. But the Gospel calls us to be active servants and soldiers. We want to partner with and encourage others to lead and serve in their churches, in their communities, and in the Greater Houston Area. We also want to connect skeptics and new believers to Christian communities where they can have doubts and objections addressed and grow in Christ. We believe the goal of activating servants and soldiers for Christ is best accomplished through the formation and coaching of missional communities.


Mission is not an event, it’s a way of life. The Gospel transforms us to be a cross-bearing people, whose lives are re-centered and re-focused on God’s Ministry of Reconciliation with the broken world. We provide resources, workshops, and training for discipleship, evangelization, and justice ministries so that Christian communities in the Greater Houston Area can witness to the world the in-breaking reality of the Kingdom of God.


The core problem with the human race is sin, and the root cause of sin is idolatry. We want to help Christian communities root their every thought, word, and deed in love for the Triune God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We invite the Spirit to smash the idols that corrupt our hearts in the Greater Houston Area–including the idols of money, sex, and power–so that love for our Redeemer can flow freely. At our monthly Large Group, we invite churches and communities to come together under the banner of Christ to worship our Lord in unity.


Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God and the perfect representation of restored humanity. Our identities and values rest on His work and person, faithfully conveyed in Scripture. All our vision, mission, and values must continually be re-evaluated according to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.


In order to advance our goals, we have formed Teams to coordinate our activities for the year. Here are the Team Leaders for 2017:

Arun Abraham – Worship Team Leader
Lenis David – Missional Communities Team Leader
Dennis George – Interim Administration Team Leader
Bryan T. Mathew – Teaching Team Leader
Vacant – Missions Team Leader